Dear Reader Today, with first my subjects I will talk with you on the subject of respect to all the Egyptian people which is the high prices we now face. This is normal for the current conditions are going through the state after graduating from Nkptin Djalo including quasi-state bankrupt and everyone thrown the blame on the government, which does not helpless in front of losses incurred by the state in the period since 2011 so far, in all countries of the world there is no country undergoing a revolution until the economy collapses completely and carving as a people of Egypt went through the first Butorten after the other, we, as a people and the army and the government to rally all of one hand to carry the current period and willing God will not last long and will not stay that way very much, which serves as a transition period and will cross them people with God's help I hope that you dear readers Aatosl you Achab great Egypt that Taathmilo it and Tsamado as much as possible until we win deliverance from this difficult period which will recover them soon and get back better than before van we were passing shortness far this distress will not be long and will not continue and carry us what we can not afford it now, it will return well for the future generations will see our children and grandchildren that we endured it for future generations. If the prices rose and there was a decline in the price of Egyptian pound it out of the question and normal to happen Just as I talked, we have crossed the two revolutions in a row and this is difficult for any country to bear, and if there were some goods, which the government has to raise support for them in the period of the current it as a compensation for losses incurred by the state in the period in the past and we are now like a patient Lt. the bed will not be long until recovering from his illness, and this is normal, and if the state do it and the government is doing this, this, as also talked it is natural if you look at the tourism sector, which is among the most active sectors that were brought to its dollar and currencies are hard, this sector is now going through a period of the weakness and lack of activity, because some tourists feared his presence in Egypt now and others want to go to Egypt, but the airline for their own parked with Egypt and if you look at the petroleum sector, we will find that the high price of gasoline and diesel is a natural thing, and contained happen, because the Egyptian pound has been impaired and materials petroleum pricing as the dollar if it happened that we had that period that will go from us soon and get back as former and now, O great people Achab Egypt ancient Thmilo for your children and your grandchildren even seen children and grandchildren that we endured all the fuss and the burden for them and that meet you in the codification Other fully wish you health and wellness

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