Dear watchers my humble blog and my website modest sow where some of my thoughts that revolve around me and Aleomm I will talk to you about the neglect people with special needs who do not Ajdo Snead them is God, I am I will talk to you about some details that Raiatha with my own eyes in some places there have Raiat girl inside hobbled center device her foot very valuable and is fit for use more than that, and they said inside the health center they can not work for a new device it because it did not take long, which stipulated certain number of years until you change the machine of her do not have to buy a device on their own in private laboratories if Where attention to human health and those first people unattended Health where human rights are talking about it, the rising currency prices is made of the Egyptian pound is reduced to that of all goods scarce in the public and private market so it is those things that we used two invaluable since now we buy twice the price bringing to the poor does not find to eat and drink, which makes the poor can live in dignity, but the poor and the disabled what fate in this life, Wayne State guarantees him and there are some with disabilities who want to buy a car import duty-free as provided by the Egyptian Constitution stipulates that every disabled person has the right to buy a car and provide for state expenses customs When these Zhbo to a free market in the past years, Cano find the car import Boukmson thousand today find them a hundred thousand FINE right of the citizen to go to work, which is his car where facilitate the procedures in order to Eetmknu get this car, as well as Taudtm me that I I always conclude my article with some directed words to the other party that the Athmilo and Asbero on what becomes of these days you'll get out of them soon will be lengthened this crisis, Faraj God is near and Thmilo few years Other Al God Afaragha from him and additional information about all your rights anthropomorphism soon Thmilo also assume Mr. Passion of the Christ

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